Financial Statement Preparation
Financial statements provide an annual (or interim) picture of the financial position and operating results of your business. They generally include a balance sheet, an income statement and various other statements and notes. Depending on the degree of assurance the users require we can provide an Audit, Review or Compilation of the financial statements.
An Audit of financial statements follows generally accepted auditing standards and provides the highest level of assurance.

A Review Engagement provides limited assurance that the financial statements are presented fairly in accordance with Indian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. The financial statements are assessed through enquiry, analysis, and discussion.

A Compilation is the lowest level of assurance. Although your financial information systems will often provide you with the detailed information you need, you may require assistance putting together a set of financial statements summarizing your operations. Our team can assemble your information into professionally prepared financial statements.

In addition to helping clients meet statutory and other requirements by reporting on their financial statements, we provide valuable advice to help our clients operate their business more efficiently. We can provide you with comparative analysis and other financial indicators that will help you interpret your financial results and improve your business decision-making.