Consulting / Advisory Services
  • Corporate Law  Consultancy
  • Investment Advisory Services
  • Advice on Joint Venture and Foreign Collaboration
  • Management Consultancy Services
  • Representation before various Authorities.
We advise clients on many of the significant business decisions they may face, including:

Cash Flow Projections

We work with our clients to prepare cash flow projections if they are considering expansion opportunities or asset purchases, restructuring their bank financing, or thinking of acquiring existing businesses.

Evaluating Bank Financing Options

We help negotiate financing options and terms with our clients’ banks. We have extensive experience with private business financing, which provides clients with valuable insight into the most advantageous terms and conditions for them.

Shareholder and partnership agreements

Shareholder and partnership agreements can often simplify the significant business decisions that owners may face. We provide advice on how to structure these kinds of documents to best meet our clients’ business goals. Typical clauses address issues such as compensation, restrictions on the sale of shares, buy-outs, and succession planning.